Alfa, la bicicleta de cartón

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Izhar Gafni, un diseñador industrial reconocido y entusiasta de la bicicletas decide crear una bicicleta 100% hecha de carton.

Conozca aquí como “ALFA“, la bicicleta de cartón cobro vida!

Occupy Wall Street Plans To Stay Forever With 15 New Bike-Powered Generators

Fifteen newly built bicycle-powered generators are helping to power the movement at Occupy Wall Street. After the FDNY and NYPD seized generators and biofuels citing a fire hazard, clever and resourceful occupiers, with the help of Pedal Power NYC and Time’s Up!, have developed a green and sustainable way to solve their energy needs. Though the confiscated generators were returned to protesters last night, winter’s approach ensures that those living in Zuccotti Park will need all the power they can muster.


Protesters at Occupy Wall Street using bicycles connected to a motor and one-way diode to charge batteries for their electronics.

A bike is something, but almost nothing!: The White Bike Cycling Through History

In the mid-1960s a unique artistic and political movement emerged in Amsterdam from the remnants of the dying, far-left “Ban the Bomb” movement and a highly experimental performance art scene based around spontaneous “Happenings.” The movement took the name Provo (short for provocation) and lasted two years as a serious effort that “culminated explosively in a spontaneous five-day riot” (Richard Kempton) in June, 1966.

Provo, which declared itself as an explicitly anarchist organization, stands in contrast to the disjointed and confused political intentions of many other student and artist political movements around the world during the 1960s. The abstract focus within the radical uproar of the 60s contributed significantly to its ultimate fate of reformist compromise with the system, which deflated its revolutionary momentum and allowed it to fizzle out. Sigue leyendo